Early access to Physiotherapy is crucial in the prevention of chronic diseases and injuries. Hammonds Plains Physiotherapy believes that it is important to keep you active and independent doing the things you love to do.

Massage Therapy
In the case of injury, either from trauma (e.g. accidents or surgery) or repetitive strain (e.g. poor posture, poor ergonomic design of tools and furniture), a massage therapist can physically stretch muscles, inhibit muscle spasm, increase range of motion of joints and help break down scar tissue.

Custom Orthotics
Custom orthotics are a device that can be placed in footwear to support, align, accommodate and improve how the foot functions

Hammonds Plains Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary clinic offering Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Custom Orthotics. We are committed to providing the community and surrounding areas with the time, attention and care that you require. All treatment sessions are one-on-one and provided in individual treatment rooms, to help you reach maximum recovery from injury, disease and disability.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality of care to residents of Hammonds Plains and surrounding communities. We do this by combining knowledge, clinical experience and current research. We adapt our assessment and treatment approaches to meet your individual needs.

We offer direct billing to all insurance companies that allow online direct billing and we are a provider for RCMP, Canadian Forces, and Veterans Affairs.

* Please note, we are not currently a provider for WCB. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.